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Question 1: Do you clean & sanitize the inflatables after each use? 
Yes, we clean & sanitize each inflatable after every use. They are wiped down with a sanitizer on the inside as well as the outside. We also vacuum out all of the inflatable jumps to make sure there isn't any grass or trash left behind. If they are wet, we leave them out in the sun for them to dry before saving them. 
Question 2: Do you offer free delivery?
We offer free delivery on any inflatable rental in the Lafayette area. If your address is: Broussard, Carencro, Duson, Lafayette, Scott or Youngsville then we do not charge for delivery as long as it is going to your residence. Please know that we do not provide free delivery on Tables, Chairs, sky dancers, games & Concessions. If you are getting an inflatable and order these items as well, then we will deliver them to you for no additional charge. 
Question 3: Will you deliver outside of the Lafayette area?
 Yes, we will deliver outside of the Lafayette area. We usually charge $3 a mile for delivery. Some areas have a set delivery charge. Delivery fees for other areas start off at $10. Call 273-2529 to get your rate! 
Question 4: Do you deliver to a park? 
 Yes, we will deliver to a park although we charge $45 for delivery. Please know that you must make sure that you have electricity and that it is allowed by the park you have chosen. 
Question 5: Do you charge sales tax?
 Yes, sales tax will be added on to your rental. Rate varies depending on where you are located at. 
Question 6: How many hours do you rent the inflatables for? 
 We rent the inflatables for 7 hours. We currently offer the following times: 10-5, 10:30-5:30, 11-6, 11:30-6:30, 12-7. We do offer additional time for a fee. 
Question 7: How many hours do you rent the 24 ft. climbing wall & the Bungee Jump for?
 These items have 4 hour rental times. You may get additional hours for an additional cost. 
Question 8: When do you set up your party rental equipment?
 Our goal is to have everything set up prior to your event. Times vary although can range from 15 minutes prior to your rental time to hours prior to your rental time. 
Question 9: How far from the outlet can I place the inflatable? 
 Typically, this inflatable needs to be set up within 50-75 feet of the outlet. Please alert us prior to your rental if you are needing to set it up further away from the outlet. 
Question 10: Do we have to keep the inflatable plugged in the entire time?
 Yes. The blower keeps air in the inflatable, you must keep it inflated at all times. *Exceptions are only when the weather turns and you are experiencing high winds*
Question 11 : What payments do you take?
We require a 30% down payment when you reserve your rental time. This is accepted by credit or debit card only. You may pay the remaining balance by cash or check. If paying by cash, please have exact change as our drivers do not carry cash. Please NOTE that if you should need to pay your remaining balance by credit card, we will charge a $10 processing fee *PER CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION. This is due to the credit card processing fees being so high. CASH OR CHECK FOR YOUR BALANCE IS PREFERRED. 
Question 12: What if we need to cancel?
 We do not give refunds although we would give you 6 months to reschedule. You must call prior to your rental, otherwise you will be charged the full amount. Do not wait until the delivery guys are driving up at your location to cancel. 
Question 13: How big are the jumps?
 Our jumps vary in size. Most items are listed on our website with their measurements. You would need a few feet beyond the actual measurements. It is your responsibility to make sure the equipment will fit in your area. 
Question 14: What surfaces do you set up on?
 Grass (safest), concrete slab or indoors (providing the item fits in the building). Please know if you are not planning on setting the rental item up on grass that you must notify us. The item must be anchored with sandbags. (additional cost)
Question 15: Do you anchor your equipment?
 Yes! It is very important that all items are anchored. The anchors are 16 inches long & are hammered into the ground. It is your responsibility to mark your yard if you have anything underground that could be damaged from the anchors. We also offer sandbags (at an additional cost) for those who are setting up indoors, on concrete, or would rather us not use anchors in your yard.  
Question 16: Are we responsible for the inflatable if it gets a tear or damaged in any way?
 Yes and no.  You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on our units.  Seams may develop tears in high traffic areas over time.  If this happens please alert us at once so we can address the situation.  If damage occurs due to failure to follow our safety rules on rental contract and/or on the inflatable jumps, then you would be responsible for those repairs. Food, drinks, silly string, sharp objects, etc are not allowed on or inside inflatables. 
Question 17: What if we have Well Water?
 The customer is responsible for providing rust free water.  You may be charged a cleaning fee plus the cost of chemicals to remove the rust off of the slide. 
Question 18: Do you offer an accidental damage waiver?
 Yes! The cost is 10% of your rental. Please ask us to add this to your rental contract. This would provide you with protection for any accidental damages, such as damaged inflatable, missing anchors, damaged extension cords, etc.
Question 19: I am ordering a water slide, what do I need to provide?
 You must provide electricity as well as a water hose going from your faucet to the hose on the slide. We provide the hose on the waterslide. 
Question 20: I won an inflatable rental through a contest and/or promotion, how long do I have to use it?
  Most contests and/or promotions will have set dates of use - you must use on that set date. If you won a contest that doesn't have a set date, you will have up to 30 days to use it unless it states otherwise. Please know that we don't accept coupons on Saturdays or holidays. Coupons and/or discounts are not valid with any other offer. 
Question 21: I won an inflatable rental through a contest and/or promotion, will you deliver it to me at no additional charge?
  We provide free delivery in the Lafayette area as long as it goes to your residence. If your not in that area, you will be responsible for any delivery fees associated with your rental. 
Question 22: I won an inflatable rental through a contest or promotion, how long do I get it for? 
  Most contest and/or promotions are valid for 7 hours unless stated other wise. 
Still have questions? Call or text 337-273-2529 or E-mail - JumpinJaxJumps@aol.com