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Dunking Booth Trailer

Dunking Booth Trailer
Damage Waiver
Price: $185.00

The dunking booth holds 500 gallons of water. The seat has a 250 pound weight capacity. Balls are included in rental.

Water hose is NOT included. You must provide your own hose. We do NOT fill the dunking booth with water. 

The dunking booth is on its own trailer, you must have a hitch as well as a 2 inch ball to pick this item up.  

Daily Rental - $185 plus tax

Weekend Rental (Friday - Sunday) - $275 plus tax

We do not offer free delivery on the dunking booth, games, concessions, accessories or tables & chairs. However, we will deliver these items along with your inflatable rental at no additional charge. If your ordering JUST this item & you do not order an inflatable rental, you will be charged an ADDITIONAL delivery fee. 

Did you know you can place your order online?

Click on check availability, enter event date, event time (pick the 7 hour slot that works for you) & your zip code. It will refresh the screen, it will say add to cart if its open on that date. You would then add item to the cart, add any other items you need & proceed to check out. If the item is not available, it will say rented & your event date will be stored, you can then look for other items that are open for the date you're looking for. 



1. Select a level area for set up.
2. Unhook trailer and lights from tow vehicle and roll to set up area.
(NOTE: Trailer and tank are one unit, do not try to separate!)
3. Raise tongue end of trailer and remove hitch pins from tongue bar. Slide tongue bar out and replace pins in bar.
4. Slowly lift up and set tank upright. (Be careful not to drop tank onto its bottom.)
5. Untie rope holding the wing against the tank. Swing wing out into position.
NOTE: The wing MUST BE STRAIGHT out from the tank frame. If it is at an angle the trigger will not work properly. 
Lower the two stabilizing rods on the bottom of the wing so the wind does not move it as this will cause the target arm to jam.
6. Check drain plug to make sure it is tight and then fill tank to the top with water (approx. 500 gallons).
7. Place the arm into the trigger mechanism. Put the other end trough the hole in the canvas. Make sure the pin which is welded to the arm drops into the pivot point on the side of the frame. Insert the target onto the end of the arm and tighten. With your hand “test” the target to see that it works properly.
8. Place one hand on the front of the seat and push down. With the other hand “test” the target to see that it works properly. 



Easy Dunker must always have an adult operator on duty when in use.
When tank is going to be unattended, always drain water.
Cordon off a “danger zone” in front of, to the sides of, and behind the tank.
Keep people out of the zone to avoid getting hit by an errant or deflected throw.
Children should never be allowed inside this “danger zone.”
Never place the dunk tank on a platform or stage.
(NOTE: When filled the dunk tank weighs over 4,500 pounds.)
Keep Easy Dunker away from electricity.
Keep water level filled to at least 8” from the top of the tank.
Only one person at a time should be allowed on the seat or in the tank.
Keep all non-swimmers, anyone less than 5’ tall, or over 250 pounds off of the tank.
Anyone with medical conditions which may place limitations on their physical exertion (such as, but not limited to: heart condition, pregnancy, back injury, etc.) should stay off of the dunk tank.
To keep from slipping, the dunkee must always wear rubber sole shoes.
Before (and each time) the dunkee climbs onto the seat, they must first make sure the seat is securely locked in place and that the safety latch is engaged.
The dunkee should use the handles to assist in climbing out of the tank and for getting back up onto the seat after being dunked. However, the dunkee must not hold onto the handles while being dunked.
The dunkee must move toward the front of the tank when coming up out of the water to avoid hitting their head on the seat.
Only use balls provided
Never stand or kneel on seat.
When being dunked, the dunkee must keep hands on knees and sit forward on the seat.
 Do not allow anyone to hit target with hands.
Do not operate Easy Dunker during a storm.


Free delivery in the Lafayette area on INFLATABLE RENTALS.
(Lafayette, Carencro, Scott, Broussard, Youngsville & Duson addresses).  
Having your event in a park? We charge $45 to set up in a park.  
*We do NOT set up at all parks*
Add the damage waiver to your order for just 10% of your total.
This covers you for any accidental damages that may occur to your rental item.
We require 30% down when you reserve your rental items. We accept visa, mc, discover or american express for the 30% down payment. You may pay your balance in full when you place your order. Just let us know. Other wise we will only charge 30%. *We do get the odd amount up front* If you should only pay the 30% down payment, the remaining balance is due by cash or check. If you should need to charge your card for the remaining balance, we will charge a $10 processing fee. This is due to the credit card processing fees being so high. 
If something should happen where you would need to reschedule, you would be given 6 months to reschedule.
Please know that we do NOT give refunds.
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